Expediting and Permit Management are our main time investments.

C3 Articles   •   April 5, 2017

Houston Permits

Gettingbuilding permits for your new construction project can be a frustrating process. Often builders and other professionals engage us to solve that pain. We may be able to help save you time and get your project underway quickly.

C3 Building Solutions specializes in expediting building permits at the city of Houston. We work with builders, architects, engineers and city staff to move the building permitting process along more quickly.

For example, in the case of new swimming pool construction, we are familiar with the many departments your new pool project might go through and can often assist with navigating issues that cause application slow down or get rejected. There are also many forms and documents which we can often provide to make the process faster.

Permit running can be a simple service where we take your prepared plans to the city for review.  After your plans are approved they are then picked up and delivered to your office or other location.   As an a value added service, your permit expediter can perform building plan assembly for Houston permits.    This may include taking your building permit application, declarations, building plans, drawings along with any engineering surveys and other specific required documents and create a professional packet that is presented to the city of Houston plan reviewers.   Further,  we can review your plans for accidental omissions and make recommendations on other required documents or drawings.

Let C3 handle your commercial and residential building permits at the city of Houston.